About Us

This website, aviators.game, has been created to inform Indian players about the Aviator game. We, the site’s staff, are experts not only in this game but also in the gambling industry as a whole. This allows us to give quality advice to Indian users, as well as objectively evaluate various online casinos.

We study the game’s features, algorithms, and mechanisms in detail to help gamblers understand it and have a successful and positive experience. Our company also aims to find reliable and safe Indian gambling sites that provide access to this game, have comfortable conditions for players, and offer generous rewards and promotions.

Information about the game Aviator for Indians

Our Mission

Since the gambling industry is constantly evolving, bringing new rules and trends, players from India can become confused and lost. Therefore, the main mission of the aviators.game site is:

  • Provide verified and up-to-date information about Aviator and everything connected with it;
  • Talk about existing strategies and tricks that may help you achieve success much faster;
  • Analyze the activities of as many online casinos as possible and evaluate them according to the appropriate criteria;
  • Advise gamblers on the best sites to play on.
The mission of Aviator game for Indian gamblers

History of development

Our company has come a long way to become the highest quality service for providing information about gambling. This includes several main stages:

  • 2019 – The team began to carefully check the sites that it could recommend to users. In addition, clear criteria for evaluation were formulated;
  • 2022 – Our site continues to engage new players, tell them about casinos and gambling games, and help them with the gameplay. In addition, the activities of the site have outgrown the borders of India and spread throughout the world;
  • 2024 – Our site has become a reliable place for Aviator game fans around the world. More and more users rely on the opinions of our experts, trust their advice, and put it into practice.
Creation History of Aviator India

Benefits of Our Blog

We serve as a compass for casino gamblers from India. Thanks to our work, players know exactly what actions they need to take to increase chances and play on the best sites. Other advantages we can boast of are:

  • Engagement. Users can not only read suggested articles but also become active gamers with the help of our site. We offer a place to discuss the game and leave honest reviews. In this way, players can get real opinions and thus improve the quality of the gaming experience;
  • Objectivity. When evaluating online casinos, we use a special scale that allows us to analyze the site’s features from different angles. The main goal is to simplify the process of choosing an online casino for Indians;
  • Relevance. If changes occur in the gambling industry or Aviator, we immediately react to it. Our experts keep up with the times and try to immediately notify users about adjustments;
  • Transparency. All the information that our experts provide is not made up. They are also active gamblers, so all their recommendations are honest;
  • Safety. We will never advise gamers to start playing in an illegal or questionable casino. Our site supports all laws in this industry and offers only those gambling sites that comply with all safety standards.
Aviator Game Perks for Indian Gamers

Casino assessment

When our experts analyze online casinos with Aviator, they pay attention to the following factors:

  • Safety and reliability. Our experts choose sites that are officially registered, licensed, and available in India. We also study the companies’ commitment to international and national laws and the existence of a legal framework that regulates relationships with gamers. In addition, we check that the casino provides appropriate security measures, for example, data encryption;
  • Choice of games. Those sites that provide ample opportunities for players will receive a good rating. First of all, this should be reflected in the number of games, their diversity, as well as the game studios that provide this;
  • Bonuses. In order for users to have an exciting and profitable gaming experience, and to ensure that they do not lose motivation, the online casino must reward them. Therefore, our team will pay attention to what promotions are available for new and regular gamblers, as well as the variability of bonuses. To make sure that the gifts will actually bring benefits, experts will also check their conditions;
  • Banking options. In order to quickly start playing and not be distracted during the process, a gambling site must cooperate with the best payment system providers and offer users safe and popular payment methods like UPI or PhonePe;
  • Quality of service. The respectability of the company is evidenced by the kind of relationships it develops with the players. Therefore, we pay attention to the availability of customer support, opening hours, and the number of ways to contact.
Aviator game analysis for Indian gamers

Our Grading Scale

Our team uses a five-point rating system. Each feature receives a score, after which a specific online casino is given an overall mark. In addition to our opinion and analysis, we also take into account comments and reviews from real players. In addition, to ensure the impartiality of the assessment, the opinion of the entire team is taken into account, and not just the employee who conducted the surveillance.

Aviator game evaluation for Indians

Our Team

The aviators.game site is managed and created by three professionals. Know us better:

  • Amir Chauhan – the editor-in-chief of this site who is an expert in any sphere of online gambling in India;
  • Devadas Chada – the author of the content who specializes in casino reviews;
  • Pratik Sarraf – the author of the content whose focus is shifted to testing and analyzing strategies, tips, and signals for crash games.
Aviator game creator in India

Career With Us

The success of our site is the result of the coordinated work of the whole team. We are constantly expanding our staff to ensure that the flow of useful information never stops. Therefore, those individuals who can improve our operations and benefit people from the community can nominate themselves via email at [email protected].

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